Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For the past two weeks I've been dealing with not-fun stuff that I think may be coming to an end.

GM, as you know has a number of medical issues and is slightly cantankerous (because it would not be nice to say bitchy now, would it) in her ways. Anyway, since her last hospital visit in December she has been clamoring loudly that she will never go back to the hospital again. We are to leave her alone and let her die. That's all well and good but she lives in an ALF (Assisted Living Facility) that will loose their license if they don't provide and seek her medical attention when required. She doesn't care. So, we explained to her there are certain programs (not writing their name, to not get the hits) that we can enroll her in that will allow her to remain at the ALF and not go to the hospital. They will some to her to treat her and make her comfortable. She was all for it! And so the coordination began. A swarm of people come to evaluate her. She tells them so many wild stories that if I wrote them down, I swear I'd have a best seller. One of my personal favorites is that they have to get her well enough because she is leaving the US and going to live in Cuba. She's leaving in 3 weeks. He believed her and did not approve her for the program. I try again, she tells him that she has a personal therapist come to the house to train with her every day. She has to be able to walk because she is going to Spain to see the Olympics that her great-grandson will be running in. She promptly stood up BY HER SELF and walked from the bedroom to the living room to prove it. Everyone at the ALF was stunned because she hasn't done that before or since. She won't even walk to the bathroom! She wasn't approved. So, here we go try #3. The man calls me while he's visiting.
Man: "She seems a little confused. Talking to me about living in Cuba and not having any tubes put in."
Me: "Yes, she is confused. She's not going anywhere that's why I want her in the program."
Man: "So, she isn't picked up every day and taken to therapy, the bank and then lunch with friends?"
Me: "She is only taken to the bathroom. She goes no where outside the house. WE have to convince her to sit in the back yard."
Man: "So, you are not trying to hook her up to machines and keep her alive to steal and live off of her money."
Me: "I'm not hooking her up to anything. There is no money, her income pays for the ALF and the prepay plan for her funeral. There is literally a balance $1.11 in her bank account today."
Man: "She already signed all my paperwork. I've approved her. Tomorrow the nurse will come and the next day the Minister will come to evaluate her."
Me: "Thank you so much. Does a Minister HAVE to evaluate her? She may not be very nice to him. I'm not sure how ell that will go."

Yesterday the Minister went. I spoke to him first. He called me after and told me that she was everything I said she was. She told that man of the cloth that he was stupid living a lie all his life and believing in that foolishness. We were all going to die and that was it. There was no God because if there was children would never die and her daughter would still be alive. She would be dead because she has been wanting to die since the day her daughter died. Of there were a God she would not be suffering this way. When he tried to explain the whole why God allows suffering, she threw him out of the place. I apologized but I don't think he'll be back. He did agree that she needed help and gratefully approved her for the program.

As far as I know one more person has to go and then we are all approved. It's been exhausting. Gimem patience.

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