Friday, February 27, 2009

Lights... Camera... Action!

16 often has said that we need to be a reality TV show. A camera should just be following us. According to him, out lives are much funnier and more interesting that some of the reality shows he sees. I usually think that's just a testament to how much bad TV there is and he's watching it. But sometimes, there are moments that make me want to stop and yell, "Where's the camera?" just like he does.

I mean really. Let me just recap some of the stuff he says are TV worthy and you decide.

Do you make the girlscouts stop packing up their stuff and jump into the back of their pick-up truck to sell you a few (5) boxes of cookies before they leave?

Do you normally throw a surprise birthday dinner party for a friend and the guest of honor and later your son end up getting a haircut right there in your dinning room after Happy Birthday and blowing out the candles?

And isn't it normal to wear sunglasses on top of your prescription glasses? I mean you take off the contacts because your eyes are sore and itching because of a head cold. You don't have prescription sunglasses so, when you are driving you put your sunglasses right on top of the regular glasses. Normal, right?

Have you ever pulled out a load of clothes from the dryer and started folding and hanging them thinking, 'they smell a little funky' , only to realize that you "washed" them in the dryer not the washer. That's right, you basically dried your dirty clothes. I discovered it when I went to turn a shirt right side out and my hand got all full of gooey stuff that was the stain removerl I had applied before I thought I had put them in the washer.

Or have you ever gotten home sick from visiting family in the hospital and looked for the soup you asked hubby to order and think he forgot because you can't find any containers anywhere. You ask him as you serve yourself some juice and he says it's there on the table -not, on the counter? - not. He gets up and checks the fridge thinking your child put it away. But I ordered it, he insists. He opens the garbage- BINGO. There it is. The child who NEVER throws anything away, threw it away. So, you go to give said child a hard time about it and he's mortified and profusely apologizes but then starts laughing. You want to hear the best part?, he asks. Sure, why not can it get any better? When I picked it up to throw it out it was kinda heavy and I thought "Wow, they sent a lot of beans. But I just thought we order so often maybe they were just giving you some extra. (Background: They ordered from a local Cuban restaurant that always send a 'coffee cup' container with beans for the rice with each meal that always gets thrown out at my house because he doesn't eat them.) We laughed so hard, we cried.

And I am sure that when you have gone to see a family member in the hospital, the hospital has lost all their previous records and then as you recreate them the patient starts arguing that you are wrong. They insist they have allergies and you insist they don't. The hospital doesn't know who to believe because the patient is telling them that you are out to kill them for the inheritance. So, they make you sign paperwork waiving you right to sue them should any harm come to you beloved family member while in their care based on any medications they provide her. All this while said beloved person is yelling, "she just wants to kill me, but bad bugs don't die!" in a little sing songy nursery song way.

If these types of things didn't happen to you while you have been sick with a sore throat and the head cold from hell then good for you but that has been a glimpse of my life in the past 2 week.

Tell me all of that is normal...otherwise send over the camera crew. Gimme patience and TGIF!

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