Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Music's big night

Did you watch the Grammys? I kinda did. I Tivod it and then watched it after the fact fast forwarding through the awards and only stopping to see the performance.

They don't pay me to review the Grammy's but why should that stop me? Here's my take on it.

* I'm concerned for the recording music world because apparently there's a shortage of performers because the same one kept coming on stage to perform. It seems they aren't enough to fill the entertainment slots of a 3 hour awards show.

* I don't like it when Grammy performances are new songs. This is a venue where I think the songs should be representative of the best of the year not an attempt to try out a new song on an audience, not even if you are veteran performers like U2.

* Maybe it was my imagination but I remember awards shows showcases all the genres. I think they need to revisit that. There are genres of music that received their award during the pre-televised show. I would like to hear the best of each genre, get exposed to something I maybe don't always listen to, maybe I'll like it maybe not but if it's out there some one's listening to it. It deserves to be showcased on music's "biggest night of the year".

* I want to take it upon myself to personally apologize to Stevie Wonder, an American Music icon for paring him with those children (I refuse to write their name because I don't want the hits to my site). I would also like to call for the public humiliation of the person who's idea that was to have him sing with the JBs. I think they scared him, jumping up behind him and around him to sing into his microphone. OMG! Do they even know who he is?! They didn't know the words to the song! They flubbed that enough. I was truly embarrassed for the man. The JBs should not have been on the same stage with him. I'm sorry Mr. Wonder. I think that maybe let let him come back out and perform solo as a make-up for that first aberration. If that's the case, he's the only one I am ok with that came out for a double performance.

* I would think they may have connections with some of the top people in the industry and be able to fix some of the sound issues. There is no reason why in that venue any band should be overpowering a singer or it should sound like they are singing in a tin cave. Puleeze!

* WHY oh why, is there no frickin frackin host?! They must being back the host. the host keeps the show rolling. Keeps it from feeling like it's all just tossed together haphazardly. Get a host!

Honestly, they need to work on the show overall. I was happy that I didn't sit there for the entire thing and was able to fast forward through most of it.

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