Friday, November 16, 2007

All about 17

So, tonight is 17s big game. It's the first round of the playoffs. This is very exciting. His team has already made school history by going 11-0, they are the second team in school history to go undefeated, they expect to win, they really do. We are up against a tough team that has only had 2 losses and one of those losses was to last year's State Champions and on of the country's top ranked teams.

17 is an outside linebacker and usually lines up on the weak side, if you know what that means good for you. This week, as he did last week, he will also have to punt because the regular punter sprained his ankle VERY badly. So, we are hoping and praying for lots of first downs. Last week he actually punted decently, better than at the beginning of the season before they found a punter but he doesn't like it at all.

I am leaving work early, I help out at the team meal and then we go tailgate. It's lots of fun! So tonight it's all about 17 and football. I truly hope they win and make it to the next round. That would be a nice bday present for him.

Since this post is all about 17, I should update the college front. He scored abominably on the SAT and is taking it for a 3rd time in December. His ACT wasn't that hot either. He's a horrible test taker. We have been having this problem since 1st grade. He gets soooo worked up he can't even think. He's taken a prep class, a review class and now he asked for a private tutor to just go over a few things before he takes it again. Hopefully that will give him the confidence to sit and take the test better. He has the rest of the resume to get into any school of his choice, the GPA, the class rank, the extracurricular but the scores- argh! So far he has applied to 10 schools and in the past 2 days coaches from 2 schools have called to talk to him. He talked to a coach from Washington Univ. in St. Louis and one called from Colorado College and left him a message. Loyola has also called him a couple of times but they keep playing phone tag. Football is not a priority for him in college. If he's able to play, that's fine but he's not working that angle as hard as some of his friends are. Whatever he wants is fine with me.

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Hilda said...

When are you gonna post that they won?
When are you gonna post that 17 made a brilliant strategic move upon getting a high snap for a punt (and explain said brilliant strategic move)?
When are you gonna post that they're gonna play at the Orange Bowl next week?