Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Socks are a problem at my house. There never seems to be enough of them clean and with out holes. Throughout the year I buy WAY too many socks for the 3 males in my house. I on the other hand don't seem to loose socks. They last me years.

To exacerbate this sock problem, the males can now pretty much all wear the same size. So, now we have this -you are wearing my socks!- thing going on. We even went so far as to buy different brands one for each of them. Even that didn't work as I still see the wrong person wearing the wrong socks.

So, I have a plan. Santa is going to bring each of them at least a dozen socks, different brands and we will try to start over. I have taken 3 boxes from work from the cases of paper and I am going to put the socks in there so no one will know what they are and have them open them at the same time. I think it will be a hoot! I need to head over to Kmart or Walmart this weekend to do this.
I wonder are we the only family with sock issues?

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Matt said...

It is the same in my house, except it is between my father and I! So about two years ago I switched over to wearing nothing but black socks. It helps the problem some, but I have two different sizes...ones that go below the ankle and ones that go up to the base of the ankle. The shorter ones never get mixed up, but every time the laundry is done I have to go fish my regular black socks from his drawer!