Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let them eat cake

I went to a friend's house for Halloween and there were lots of goodies to eat. Among the varied desserts was a lemon cake that everyone was raving about but I didn't try it. Don't think I was being so good or anything. I had already had brownies and Reese's peanut butter cups and more appetizers than I can write about. Back to the cake, as we were leaving and she was handing out leftover pizza as party favors to other guests, I served myself a piece of lemon cake and wrapped it up for breakfast. I could just imagine it would be perfect with my cup of coffee. MmMMm! I retrieved my children and headed out to the car carefully balancing my piece of cake on the box of crackers that was also left over. Although I was sleepy, in the car I held on to it. Getting out of the car I gingerly step out and whoosh, there goes the cake plate sliding off the cracker box onto the lawn. I yelp (yes, I yelped) and look! the cake actually came off of the plate, out of the wrapper and is sitting in a bald spot of the lawn in the dirt. Great! I pick it all up and just laugh looking up at the sky. I guess the driver of this bus called my life was sending a message: Let them eat cake - not! ;) Oh, well. I will survive. It's not the end of the world. I'm sure my mom was having a good laugh up there from her seat in the clouds. Heck, she probably pushed the cake off the box ;)

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Hilda said...

Dude! Five second rule! Blow the dirt off and move on...;)

that cake was goooooood!