Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bloggin' n' learnin'

Did you know, you probably did because y'all are such proficient bloggers and such technical people but I didn't know, that when you write a draft and then post it later after putting on your finishing touches that it publishes with the original date and time stamp of the first draft?

That happened to me yesterday. See it was after 11pm when I realized that I hadn't posted for the day and well NaBloPoMo just started how could I die out this early! So, dash to the computer and pick up a draft that I had started the day before (Friday). I added the last paragraph, did the spell check and quickly published the post. I made it! It's not midnight. Whew! I went to bed, after a few more hours of scrapping and watching Tivo, with no worries.

This morning my girlfriend calls me and tell me to change the time. I know it's daylight savings but that's not what she was talking about. She was talking about the time stamp on my post. She knows that it was late when I published it (how? I didn't ask. She just knows important things like that) but the time stamp is wrong. We conclude that it was because I picked up a draft and didn't do the post from scratch. Who knew? Not me. I do now. So, I fixed it now. Don't think I am cheating, it the time that I actually went in a posted on Saturday. Gimme patience!

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