Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a weekend.

As you know this was a pretty busy weekend. It was Football Friday and we went to the school early, helped with the team meal. There was a lot of leftovers because they were nervous and didn't each much. After that we went to the field early to tailgate and hangout with the other parents. The game was so much fun! We won and next week play in the Orange Bowl! After the game we celebrated at a local Tavern with other parents and the coaches. Everyone was so wired, no one could go home to sleep. We didn't get to bed until 2am.
I was up at 6:30 to go to the HarvestFest. Even though I forgot my Christmas gift list, I remembered some and was able to do some shopping. We were home by 11:30 and then I continued Christmas shopping at Pewter & Pearls. At that point I was exhausted by we had to keep going because there is no rest for the weary. So, after taking a short break fro lunch and the read the paper's coverage of our high school game. I pulled out my Thanksgiving recipes and made a grocery list. We do our grocery shopping in to parts. One at the local warehouse store and the other at the regular grocery store. Hubby went to the warehouse store list in hand while I started the laundry and took a shower to see if I could get a second wind going. I took my shower extra quick so that I could have a few minutes to lay down before he got back. It worked! I was able to take a 30 minute nap before he got home. After the boys unloaded we went to Publix for the remainder of the groceries. After that it was fix dinner and keep washing and organize the gifts that I bought, removing prices and setting aside for wrapping hopefully next weekend. While hubby took 15 to a party I made 2 bottles of crema de vie and then we just laid around and watched Cane and other Tivod shows.
Sunday we were up by 8, waffles for breakfast and keep the laundry going. I got a flan in the oven and then sat and cut out all the articles I need to copy for the scrapbook. I made the dough for 3 pies and refrigerated them. Went to Office Depot and made all my color copies. After lunch I was ready to start sorting through digital pictures for the scrapbook. I picked out the pictures for the cheerleader's page and set that to print 30 copies. I laid out 2 other pages and made lunches for Monday. 17 isn't going to start using the gym until after football season is over so I have a few weeks to get him signed up for that. I made Sunday Chicken for dinner and put away all my clothes and got to the computer to answer emails and blog. I'm exhausted. I got a lot done even though I didn't make it to the scrap store. I still have to layout the Senior page for the yearbook but at least hubby and I talked about it and decided on a size and that we want on it.
I'm off to bed now. Good night!

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