Friday, November 02, 2007

Help is coming....

I am all excited about this weekend. There's lots on my list to do. When isn't there? I ask!? But among the gajillion things is that I am meeting (I don't want to think interviewing) a cleaning lady tomorrow. She's coming to the house for us to go over what I want her to do and quote me a price. Gosh, I hope I can afford this! I need help. Maybe if someone helps me clean then we can start picking up and organizing my life and finding things and not buying thing because we don't know where the one that we own is and have the house look all put together and smell nice and fresh and look clean and crisp when I walk in and have there be a cozy retreat where I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a book with out feeling guilty that I should be cleaning and be able to invite people over without offering excuses for the place and and I think maybe I want too much. Anyways, I'm a little excited that help may be on the way.

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