Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scrap weekend

I have been scrapbooking ALL weekend. I have only stopped to go to the store for supplies, take my family to the game and dinner with my girlfriends on Saturday night while the boys were at the game. My dinning room is not a dinning room right now. It's the scrap room. Why so much scrapping you ask? Because we are making 30 identical books. One for each graduating senior on the football team. I have a group of 6 women who come over every Tuesday and we make the pages that I design. This week another group is coming on Wednesday. So, I am making enough pages for us to work on 2 nights. It's crunch time because the season is almost over and then we will have a banquet where they are given their scrapbooks of the season and well obviously they must be done by then. So, meanwhile we scrap- lots! It's coming out wonderful!

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