Monday, November 05, 2007

What time is it?

I hate the changing of time from Standard to Daylight Savings and back to Standard. Alright, my momma taught me not to hate that's a strong word. So, I strongly dislike those few days (or weeks) that it takes to get adjusted to the new time. I vehemently begrudge having to get up earlier and be hungrier before noon for lunch etc. etc. etc.

Apparently, almost the whole world does this at some point of the year or another. I did not know this. I thought the US just thought they were better then everyone else and could decide for the world what time it was. I was wrong. Not a first. For enquiring minds, here's a link that explains it:

After perusing the link, I see that I either have to move to Hawaii, Arizona or a country on the equator. It seems those are the industrialized places that don't change their time. Hawaii; I am told is beautiful but uber expensive. Equatorial country; I think I'm close enough thank you. I miss the 4 seasons as it is here in Miami where I at least have a day of cold. Arizona; has strong possibilities. I have heard that Scottsdale is very nice. Of course, that would mean leaving hubby behind because I don't think he will live anywhere that's not here. ever! Some days that wouldn't hold me back. Today, I guess I'll stick the time change out here in Miami but at least I've done the research and know that there are viable options out there. Meanwhile, is it lunch yet?! ARGHHH, gimme patience.

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Matt said...

Hello there purplepassion! I know what you mean with this time change...especially here in Miami! I have parents that are going to be moving to Sedona, Arizona, so not only do they get to not deal with the time changing, but now I have to deal with, is it 2 hours different or 3 hours different there?

Much confusion and late night phone conversations will be had!