Monday, November 12, 2007

Preparate Villa!

Today I went to a funeral mass at an Orthodox Church for a good friend of the family. She has known hubby and his family for at least 40 years and I've known her for +20!

She was one of the most vibrant, loving, positive, full of life people I have ever met. She lot her 17 month battle with cancer last Thursday and was valiant through it all. She decided to stop treatments because she wanted to spend the end of her life with people not in a hospital and not sick in bed. Whenever you told her a story or a problem she would invariably in the advice tell you, "Preparate chica". She was a wise woman and many turned to her for advice. Less than a month ago she was still out and about for small periods of time. She turned 75 last month and her family hired Mariachis and as tired and sickly as she felt that day still came down and sang Las MaƱanitas and toasted everyone there. She was one special lady. I have been sending her cards, some funny some inspirational throughout her illness. The last package I sent her was a child's princess Halloween card and a package of lollipops. Her daughter told me today that she had one every day because it made her laugh. It will be tough to think that she's not here with us anymore. She loved so many things, singing, music, dancing, Whiskey, Cuba, her family, her friends. We love you, Villa! Preparate! Adios.

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