Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The day after...

Maybe you noticed but I was in quite a mood yesterday. It was evident here at the office too. When someone handed me the ginormous stapler that we have asking if I could fix it it had some staples stuck) I proceeded to forcefully bang on the arm (3 times) only causing 3 more staples to jam while I was on the phone. They very quietly took it away from me, got a pair of pliers and removed all the jammed staples themselves. I even told my boss that I didn't want to answer the phone anymore because the info I was giving was apparently all wrong. He had taken a call from someone I had already spoken to 3 times and gave the exact opposite info that I was giving. He came back later to try to tell me that I hadn't done anything wrong, I just hadn't been told where to get the info. But I wasn't having any of that I told him I didn't care and I was working on another client. So, when 5 o'clock finally rolled around and I called out a Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Since I didn't call out the name of the par-time file clerk that we have, the bosses thought it was directed at them. One ran to the other's office and said she's coming tomorrow right?! while the other was yelling out Aren't you coming tomorrow? But I was already out the door and didn't hear a thing. They looked at each other, asked each other what day it was and agreed that they had really pushed me over the edge.

Naturally, I found this out this morning. When one boss told me "I thought you were off today. " "and why would you think that?" "Well, you wished us a Happy Thanksgiving and we thought either she thinks it's Wed or she's taking the day off." "No, silly, that was for -temp-, not you. We won't see her today and so I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving. " "We thought the day had gone so bad that you gave up on us." and I laughed a good laugh from my toes laugh because I couldn't have planned that if I tried. I get all bothered, tell them I don't care and then take off letting them think I'm taking off! LOVE IT! We all enjoyed that one.

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Marcia Pirani said...

Gimme patience, I think you are working at a terrible place and you should give up on them and get another job! I know a place where you not only get the day after Thanksgiving off but you get your kids birthdays off (even if they turn 18)! Call me, I think I can make a few call!