Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Best Laid plans...

Have I ever mentioned that hubby loves his job. He's a project accountant which means he spends some time in the office and lots of time at the various projects his company has around the county.

Anyway, today he had a 7:30 meeting and after was going to have time to stop at home to have lunch. Save a few bucks eating leftovers in the comfort of home before heading to the office. And before he actually even went to the office he's stopping by the high school to get the graduation ticket for his mom so she can see 18 get his diploma. Perfect. Life is good.

Our microwave is temperamental shall we say. The screen isn't visible right now. It works. You just have to remember what was where on the screen and hope you are pushing the right thing. So, hubby serves himself a plate of leftover fried rice and hits what he thinks is 2 1/2 minutes (who really knows), goes to the bathroom and the doorbell rings. It's the mailman, he has a certified letter for him to sign for. He does and gets the mail and put it all on the entry table and goes to get his food out. The plate got SO hot he burned his hand because obviously he grabbed it with his bare hand. In an attempt to not drop the whole plate on the stove top he did a juggle thing with both hands and the plate burning more than one finger as he got the plate to the counter. No spillage. Good. The cleaning lady came yesterday and people are coming over tonight. He quickly seeks relief and sticks his hands under some cold running water. OK. Good . Now he gets a glass out to serve himself some water. Opens the fridge and grabs the water pitcher not really looking carefully and as he pulls the pitcher out crash goes the glass bottle of lemon juice all over the kitchen floor. GREAT! There's a dirty towel on the floor from 18s workout yesterday. He grabs that and starts soaking up lemon juice and sweeps up glass and soaks up lemon juice and wets some paper towels and goes over part of the floor that was sticky. Dumps the towel in the washing machine. Fine. Done. So, it smells lemony fresh. Gets his glass of water and plate of food to scarf down lunch at this point because now he's in a hurry AND now his rice is COLD! He ate it cold not wanting to go another round with the microwave.
He called to tell me the story on his way to the office and I was laughing so hard I was in tears. Did I mention I have people coming over and now I gotta hurry home and vacuum up the tiny pieces of glass and mop the kitchen floor. I hope it's not overly lemony smelling. Gimme patience.

ADDED LATER....I just called hubby to ask what the Certified Letter was. He doesn't know. He left it with the rest of the mail and didn't open it! LOL!

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