Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sprain or Fracture - your guess

Heck your guess is as good as theirs! 18 had been running in Track for the past month with a pain in his foot. The school trainer thinks it may be a small stress fracture and told him to have it x-rayed. 18 decided to keep running and check it out after the season was over. Since it is now over he now has an appointment with the doc but it's not until the 21st. So, he decided to go to an After-hours clinic (which has been wrong with broken bones for us before) and get the x-ray just to know because apparently NOW we need to know.

After a few hours they told him they don't think it's fractured. They think it's just a severe sprain. It's not his ankle, the swelling (yes, it's been swollen a month) is on the top towards the outside of the right foot. Anyway, they say it MAY be a minor stress fracture or a severe sprain. HULLO!!! Isn't that what we (my insurance) are paying you for? to tell us what's wrong? for what might be wrong he could have stayed home and polled that family and friends. They gave him a prescription for pain meds which he's not going to take, crutches which he used to walk outside of the clinic because he felt weird walking with them in his hands in front of their faces, and told him he should stay off of it and follow up with an Orthopedic. Gee Thanks! WhatEVER!

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