Monday, May 19, 2008

Graduation dots

Well, one down, one to go. It was a jam packed weekend. Here are some highlights:

* A little after midnight the night before, 18 sends me a text that he's got another ticket, to invite my dad. At that hour I call my dad. He laughs because a few hours earlier his girlfriend's son called to invite her to her grandson's graduation because they had just gotten a ticket. So, originally, neither of them were going to see their grankids graduate and now a the last minute they both could but due to time and driving distances only one could. He drove her to see her grandson's. They came to my house the next day for the brunch. 18 then tried different friends to see if they wanted the extra ticket. At that hour, it was hard to give the ticket away.

* After the actual ceremony which is downtown, they block off the street and all the graduates and their families congregate there for hugs, kisses and pictures. It's quite a scene. A sea of blue caps and gowns all milling back and forth. Lots of fun.

* Since we exited through the side of the theater in stead of the front my inlaws got lost finding their car and walked an extra 10 blocks! My MIL says she may never wear heels again!

* Once we all got home we each went to our separate beds and crashed fulling clothed in our graduation finery. Hubby and I napped for about an hour. 15 slept for a couple and 18 slept 7 hours! When he finally got up and showered of course he went out to party with his friends.

* Regardless of the fact that we were hosting a family brunch to celebrate 15 woke up Sunday and had his bowl of cereal unable to wait for the brunch or break his routine. It was funny to see. It was like he was sleep walking through the motions of prepping his cereal etc. Very odd but funny.

* I need to buy an American coffee pot maker and a larger Cuban coffee pot. For these events I am constantly borrowing an coffee maker. I don't know what happened to mine. At one point I know I owned 2, now I have none. I don't get it. As for the Cuban coffee pot I have a small one for daily use. I mean it's only 2 of us, we throw the leftover coffee out everyday. When we made the coffee on Sunday, I thought there was enough but I NO. I overlooked my best friend (who incidentally had offered my her VERY large Cuban coffee pot). I had to make Cuban coffee twice. Then she doesn't know but when I was preparing it I almost really messed it up my dad and FIL were there and almost choked laughing at me because instead of putting Cuban coffee in the pot I was putting American instant coffee! That would have been a disaster. Gratefully, I noticed before I closed it up.

* I am very happy that the cleaning lady is going today to clean up after the weekend events. Hubby and I would clean up for 15 minutes and sit and veg in front of the TV for 45. At that rate it took a long time to pick up.

* Tonight we have lots of laundry to get to since we spent the weekend partying. No rest for the weary.

We are good and tired. Lots to be grateful for.....

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Hilda said...

Thank God for your Dad and FIL - can you imagine if youhad given me instant American coffee instead of Cuban coffee? Good Lord woman you would have never lived it down!