Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We decide to do an outdoor event = rain

Key West has been on level 3 water restrictions due to drought conditions. They should have called us earlier. Because that's all it took was for me and my family to want to stay and see the sunset for the skies to open and shower down on us. After a long hot day and the Trolley Tour which I recommend if you have never done it, we had dinner at The Rum Barrel (The Southernmost Philly Club in the US) and then walked over to have a slice of Key Lime Pie before heading to Mallory Square to see the locals do their shows and watch the sunset.
We felt the winds picking up but kept deluding ourselves and saying it would be a quick sun shower and move on as is common in FL, especially the Keys. The sprinkles started the camera and my in-laws ran for cover in a store. We milled about and watched some vendors pack up but one stayed. An escape artist, a la Houdini. The drops were getting bigger but he would get into the straight jacket and chains and escape if we agreed to stay and watch and not take off. We agreed. The sun teased us and peeked out from behind a cloud as he got tied up into his contraption. By the time he was locked in the rain was lightly but steadily coming down. As if nature were working with him, as his drama unfolded so did the rain. He got free and as the crowd was dropping $ in his open case the thunder and lightning came. A careful dash to the car and good-byes were said as we were driving home and they were driving back to the camp site for another night. We drove home in the dark in the pouring rain with our hazard lights on so that other cars would see us at 35 mph for 3 hours! Need rain? Call us and we'll make plans for an outdoor event near you too.

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