Thursday, May 01, 2008


Most of our food and drink products now have expiration dates on them. How far past that date is it ok to consume the stuff? This isn't Mission Impossible the container doesn't self destruct when it expires, hmmmm, maybe I'm on to something. Self-destructing food containers when the item reaches the point of non-consumption. You heard it here first people, just for the record. Anyway, back to reality. I rely on my nose; my nose knows when not to eat something because it's gone bad. I really don't use the date for much more than a guide. The other day I was going to use my last bouillon cube and noticed the box expired 2 months ago. I'm thinking how does this go bad? I used it, we all ate and we are still walking and talking.
So, last night at Coffee night the barista was going to toss a bunch of their sandwiches and salads because they expired. The date stamped on them was 4/30. I understand that they can't sell it anymore because if something were to happen to someone they'd be out of business. He offered them to us. We all took one for lunch the next day. My nose will know when I open it today if it has expired or not. Meanwhile I am looking forward to my chicken tarragon sandwich later. YUM!

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