Monday, May 05, 2008

Track Meet Stuff

We had a great time. Here are a few highlights:

* 3 of out boys got medalled in their events. We came in 15th out of over 65 schools. We had no injuries.

* A new state record was set in pole vaulting at 17'6". It was really cool to watch the entire stadium watching this boy, oohhhing and ahhhing and cheering him on. They stopped all the other events so that everyone could watch him.

* One of our coaches drank the other coach's contacts and chaos ensued. C1 didn't bring a case and so he left his contacts in a glass with saline solution. C2 half asleep in the morning grabbed said cup put water in it, drank his meds and left the glass on the counter empty! He left for the park with a group of students who had to register earlier. C1, who is basically blind without his contact, couldn't find the glass, the phone calls started to find his Dr., get the prescription faxed, go buy glasses, get kids to where they needed to be, get C2 to buy his glass. Good thing that a bunch of us parents went and there were extra cars and drivers.

* At dinner I almost yelled out to one of the kids "Let me eat your cherry!" but I caught myself at Let me and rephrased to "Are you going to eat the cherry on your sundae? No? May I have it please?" Whew! It was really close.

* I got the mother of all sinus headaches while I was there and went to get Sudafed. Did you know that now that particular decongestant is regulated and they were just shy of asking me for a blood sample to buy it. Apparently, it's used to make some street drug. Who knew!? not me!

All in all it was a good weekend. We all had fun and came home tired and happy.

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