Thursday, May 29, 2008


I'm freaking out over here. I never talk about work (I don't think) but I am freaking out over here because the other woman that works here has just given 30 day notice! We are a VERY small operation here. There are 4 of us plus a part-timer. She has been working with the owner since the beginning of time - longer than all his wives put together! She's goto gal. She knows EVERYthing. She knows how he ticks. She knows where everything is. She knows how he likes everything. OMG! I think we should shut down the company. What am I gonna do?!?!? I can't fill her shoes. HELL I don't WANT to fill her shoes. OMG!!! How are we gonna manage?!?!?!?! I know we are all expendable but OMG!!!!!! Everytime I touch something today I have been thinking...I don't know how to do this! OMG! Gimme Patience! PATIENCE! GIMME ENLIGHTENMENT!

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Seeker of Truth said...

KARMA my friend!

Just have an eggnog latte and you'll feel better. Oh, sorry, I forgot, eggnog lattes are not available till December!

Love you,