Friday, November 03, 2006

Are we cloning people yet?

There is sooooo much I want to do this month that I think I need to clone myself and I might be able to get most of it done.

Here's the list off the top of my head:
There's a Father/Son Breakfast that I'm involved in at my son's high school.
There's a FABULOUS Harvest Festival that I go to every year with girlfriends where they sell all kinds of crafty things.
There's a Ginormous Book Fair that every year I want to go to and don't. This year I"M GOING!
There's Thanksgiving! I do too much cooking for that!
There's my parttime job as a Pampered Chef Consultant for which I have booked shows for this month.
There's Christmas Shopping at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving Friday (there's a name for it, I just can't remember now).
Oh yeah! It's Son1's birthday. OMG! He's going to be 17! Gawd, I'm old!

On top of all that on a monthly basis, I have 5 regular get togethers:
coffee with some girlfriends (we sit at a Starbucks until closing and gab over coffee - Fabulous!) , dinner with some girlfriends (we try a new type of cuisine that most of our spouses won't eat - Yum!),
game night with some girlfriends (we get together and Laugh as we play a silly game - A Must!),
dinner with some friends (remember that coffee group up there? well we're including the hubbys and making it a couples dinner),
and now we have added cards (because we thought we needed to learn now, so we're ready when we retire. LOL!- it was a hoot!)

I almost forgot! I'm also going to the Opera this month to Aida! I just checked my calendar and it's 2 operas this month. The other one is Abduction From Seraglio.
PULEEZEE, don't tell my husband! He'll have ME abducted and not pay the ransom!
Gimme Patience (and energy) to get it all done!


Hilda said...

Well, since I'm involved with most of those activities as well, I'm a tad overwhelmed too! But really isn't all this infinitely better than being bored?

Also, the fact that so much of our *busyness* involves friends makes us incredibly lucky!

So, pass me that Cuban coffee, I got stuff to do!

Marcia Pirani said...

Why haven't I been invited to anyyyyyyy of these events????? Whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!