Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rules of Wrapping

Are there rules in your house for wrapping gifts? I have been wrapping presents literally ALL day. I don't like all of the paper to be the same. I like variety, I think it looks better under the tree. If it's all the same it looks boring to me. Hubby only likes wrapping paper - or cards for that matter- that have Santa on it. Most of those papers are red, there are some green but this year I found a blue. Yes, a blue metallicy paper that has a modern geometric shaped Santa and tree on it. I love it Hubby hates it because its not the traditional Santa. He's going to have to deal with it because I've already wrapped a bunch of gifts with it. I gave him the option of going to buy new paper and HE could rewrap the gifts. I'm betting it stays.

When I was kid we wrapped very few gifts with wrapping paper the majority of our gifts were wrapped with newspaper or magazine pages or plain brown paper that we hand decorated. It was fun to find newspaper headlines and sections that would match up with the gift or the person. I suppose that we did it for economic reasons but I liked it. I continued doing that until I got married. The first gift that I wrapped like that hubby almost had a heart attack so I bought wrapping paper. It's not that I don't like wrapping paper it's just that before the wrapping was part of the gift, now it's not.

Well, I'm heading out the door again. Dinner with friends. Hubby is staying home to watch football - Notre Dame University is playing someone and its supposed to be the game of the season. Whatever. So wrap on my friends, I had to stop because I ran out of boxes.

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sari said...

I like to wrap presents (weird, I know). Usually I try to use different papers, a different paper for each person.

but they don't know that until after they've opened a few. :-)