Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Educating everyone...

I love Good News news stories. Last night I caught a piece of the news and this morning I found the article (click here)about a school in Houston that came up with a way to educate immigrants both legals and illegals. Read the article to get the details but the gist of it is that this principal was noticing that his students were dropping out because they had to help support their families and so he created a 'second' high school with evening hours. These teens and young twenty somethings are working by day and going to high school at night. It's a ton of hours and hard work but it's opportunity that they didn't have before. They had their first graduating class, only a handful of graduates but I think it's stupendous.I think that society as a whole can only benefit from this idea - educating everyone.

Imagine. Being open open minded enough to solve a problem and help people no matter who they are and where they come from. Kudos to this principal, I can only hope that it spreads and sets an example to other school districts across the country.

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