Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday matinee

I went to the opera today. I saw Aida. It was beautiful. The performers were amazing. The music, their voices, the sets, the costumes - it was all wonderful. It was my first visit to the new opera house; it's beautiful!

Now, some perspective here. I'm 42. I went to the Sunday matinee. The average age of the audience was probably around 70. We found out later that 40 buses commuted who knows how many of the audience members to this performance. It's really a show all in of itself.

Aside from the ordeals they go through to get to their seats with their canes, and their walkers. I mean the steps to get to the seats are pretty steep. As you can imagine, many of them are also a bit hard of hearing and are not in complete control of their 'inside voices'. The performance itself is 'enhanced' by the scrunching of wrappers getting cough drops out. Canes, walkers, brochures all tumbling to the ground and then the shuffle to get them back because why wait for the intermission when you will have light. That would be too easy.

God love them, it's nice to see them dressed up and getting out to enjoy the performance.

I only hope that at that age I still have the energy and I'm still getting out and about.

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Hilda said...

HA! You thought you could hork the Opera topic for your blog so that I couldn't use it on mine!

Well pfffft (<--cyber-raspberry)! I wrote one anyway, so there!

Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya, nyaaaaa...

:) LOL!