Monday, November 13, 2006

Beta better my !@$#$%

So, now all of my links on my sidebar have a little wrench and screwdriver next to them. Wassup with that! I still can't get my NABLOPOMO picture back and working. Haven't figured out how to add the Randomizer. Can't get the picture for the Reading Challenge to work as a link to the other site. I'm NOT likin' this!

So I changed the colors! Woo hoo. Want my picture links back. Want the wrench and screwdrivers to go away.

I'll try more later. Going to pick up the kids now.


Hilda said...

It'll be fine. I didn't change my template when I went Beta, so my links didn't get hosed up - I like my colors just fine, thanks.


purplepassion said...

I am onlu playing with the colors becasue that was the only thing I was able to figure out how it worked. I don't understand any of the other advantages and I don't know how to make the pictures be links like they were before. I can't just copy and paste from other people now becasue apparently Beta is or has another 'language' attached to it because it doesn't like the html that I paste in. Still a tad frustrated- can ya tell?

Hilda said...

You have to cut and paste as before and then massage it a little. :)