Monday, November 20, 2006

The birthday party

I'm sure you have been on the edge of your seats waiting to read what we gave our son for his birthday. Let me tell you, well wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

When your kids are little, you do the big theme parties. I did Winnie the Pooh, Power Rangers, Power Rangers and did I mention Power Rangers, Wrestlers, Sports, Football and he had a party at an ice skating rink (yes, we live in S. FL.), I've taken groups of kids to the movies and to Gameworks etc. and don't forget the sleepovers. Originally, it was just one big party family, friends and kids. Somewhere along the way the friends started dropping off their kids and the family still came (God bless them). Then he started asking for two get togethers (note: he didn't say 2 parties) one for his friends and one for the family. Well, last year we didn't have a specific family get together for him, the family combined him with some other November birthdays- that worked for him and his friends gave him a surprise party. This year when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he just said "To be with my friends." I'm not insulted by this; the fact that he doesn't want to be with his family immediate or otherwise. He's at an age where he and his friends know more than we do and are much cooler and more interesting than we are. That's fine. I'm good with that. A few days later he tells me that he knows what he wants for his birthday present. I'm thinking clothes. Nope. He wants us to tint the windows of the car. Technically, he doesn't have a car, it's the family car. It's planned to be his next year, his senior year, if the grades cut the mustard. So, he wants us to tint the windows on the car that I drive around everyday. My first thought was and why does he want tinted windows? what is he doing that he doesn't want people to see? I didn't voice the thought I just thought it- you know the rule; don't ask unless you really want to know. When I saw that hubby was about to say yes, I jumped in and said we'll let you know. When I voiced my thought to hubby, he shrugged it off saying he wasn't doing anything. Hubby thought it was fine because all the kids want that, it's just to look cool. Even when I reminded him what we used to do in the car, he thought it was ok. So, our everyday family car that I drive is a Pontiac Grand Am, it's silver and now it has tinted windows (keep in mind I am not 17, I am 42). Because we, being the softies that we are, said yes. I would have preferred to go shopping and fight about how low he can wear his jeans around his waist/hips.

About the tinted wondows, at night it was hard to see. I'm nervous now about him driving at night. Not on the streets where all the cars have lights, you can see if there's light but when you are backing out or pulling along side a driveway and there are no street lights in the neighborhood you just plain can't see. IT'S DARK! So, for his birthday we gave him something else for me to worry about, tinted windows. Fabulous, he's thrilled, my gray is multiplying.

Did I mention that his grandmother had called to say she was coming over to see him for his Bday after she finished visiting at her SIL's house. She told him that if he had something to do it was ok if she didn't see him that she would leave his gift at the house. Obviously, he did have places to go, people to see and all that but before that he went with me to his great aunts house to go visit with them and his grandparents. We were there for about an hour before taking off to be with his friends. They were all surprised that he went; they told him so. When we parked he was talking to a friend on his cell phone and told him - Sorry, I've got to visit my grandmother on my birthday, I'll be there when I'm done. He sat there and visited, not once checking the time or answering the phone until we left. He's a good kid but we always worry don't we?

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sari said...

It is hard driving with tinted windows, isn't it?

It sounds like you've got yourself a good son, it's nice he spent time with his family.