Sunday, November 05, 2006

Old friends

Good ole friends. They are as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes. You have so much in common that you finish each other's sentences, you can call on them for anything at any time, you feel like they are family you are so close. What's better than spending time with them? Not much, except maybe finding new friends, introducing them to the old ones and all hitting it off and having a great time.

New friends. When you find some, it's like finding out Pier One is having a storewide Buy one Get One Free Sale. Finding couples that are a match to be friends with other couples isn't always easy. Many times either the husband's get along and the wives don't or vice versa. But to find a couple that have some same interests and same type of general values is great. Then to get get these friends together and enjoy each other's company for a few leisure hours on a Sunday. Well, I think that's just the cat's meow!

That was the highlight of my Sunday.

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Hilda said...

It was a lot of fun today - thanks for introducing us to our new friends!