Friday, November 10, 2006

I know, it probably ONLY bothered me...

I get most of my news online. I read a number of online news sources and surf through stories quite a bit. I like it because I tend to stumble across things that I normally wouldn't.

The day after the election, I figured there'd be all kinds of stuff about all the turnover, the newly elected and their bios etc. I was eager for it. So, I scan the headlines and what did I see as the TOP 4 stories (in this order):
*Ed Bradley died
*There's a massive recall on aspirin
*Bush and Pelosi vow to work together
*Britney is prepared to fight K-Fed for custody of their children

WHY! WHY! is it national headline news that those 2 bozos are getting divorced and she's going to fight for custody?! WHY is it so important that I know that next to those other headlines. It wasn't under an Entertainment section. NO! I can see that it would be big entertainment news. But no. IT WAS NATIONAL HEADLINES! It was also on 3 different websites on their front page as a headline!

I realize this doesn't faze a lot of people but it bothers me. I bothers me that it's lumped in there with those other headlines because it gives it credibility and makes people think that it's important for you to know this piece of information and that there's more to know so, click here! Well, I clicked off! Like I said it took me a few tries but I found a news site that didn't have it as a headline and read my news there. There was an election, there's a war going on for Pete's sake, Sandinistas are getting back into power with Ortega, Santa Ana winds are threatening fires again in CA., heck I'll even read about Arnold's about face and reelection. But spare me Britney's divorce, PULEEZE.

Anyway, isn't it normal that she fight for custody? Why is that news? Of course, I wouldn't know, I didn't read the article.

Aiy yai yai! Gimme patience!


Anonymous said... actually bothered me too. But I'm too happy to care this week.

It's been a *good* week!

Marcia Pirani said...

Cris, I really bothered Karim and set him off into the we need to move to Canada tirade! Finding both of them to be total retards, I was dumbfounded. If it was Hilary and Bill fighting over Chelsea I could understand! But these two? I think we should send them to Firpi and he should recommend the kids be put in foster care!

purplepassion said...

I don't think even Firpi can help these two!