Friday, November 17, 2006


I was told yesterday that I was botherable. Naturally, this bothered me even more that what had already bothered me. ME! Botherable, how can that be, I'm Ms. Easygoing (don't ask my husband), I'm Ms. Go With The Flow(again, leave hubby out of this). Why would you say I'm botherable?! How does one become botherable, isn't it human to be bothered about some things? How does one become unbotherable (the spellcheck on this post is going to be a doosey!). Of course the person who told me that I was botherable had no advice on how to undo this only told me that's what they learned in AA meetings. Great, how helpful is that! I told them it wasn't nice to tell people something is wrong with them and then have no suggestion to fix it that's really not very useful - can you see I was getting more bothered. Being told I was botherable was now irritating the heck out of me. So, peachy, now I'm irritable to boot. But it got me thinking...

I preach this a lot (ask my kids), we can't control what others do or say, we can only control ourselves and our reactions. It's hard to practise.

So, how do I not be botherable? Apparently, the great minds at AA haven't figured out how to bottle this advice other than - I just need to let it go. Most of the time I think I do this well, this letting things roll off of me (in past jobs, I've been told that I must bathe with Vaseline because nothing sticks to my skin, it rolls off me like water) but when I don't, (start sing songy voice) well (sing song off), it ain't pretty. Of course, it's bothering me that I am botherable this way but I'm also thinking it's normal. It would probably Not be normal if nothing ever bothered me- right? yeah, I thought so. But in the scheme of things I know that this isn't a big deal in life, most things aren't, so I do need to let it go. It's ok. I really shouldn't be bothered. Don't sweat the small stuff, right.

So, I going to start a new resolution, I know I'm early, and take more deep breaths (I take a lot of them now, if you knew me, you'd know) and just let even more things roll off of me. I will still question things and wonder about them but I don't want them to bother me.

Maybe I need to think of a few things that are worth getting bothered over and if it doesn't fall into that category, then I need to let it roll off. Hmmm...I guess you'll be reading more about this in the future as I think this through.

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Marcia Pirani said...

Whoever told you that you are "botherable" is an idiot! You are the most lovable easy going person in the world. You put up with me for almost 3 years, that alone is proof positive that you are not "botherable", if you tell me who it is we can go slash his or her tires (don't worry you can stay in the car and just watch), in the alternative we can wait outside of the AA meeting with a bottle of vodka! We'll see who is botherable!