Thursday, November 23, 2006

Things I Am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

This year, as always, I am thankful for many things (in no particular order):

* Good health, there are a few peripheral ailments and illnesses in the extended family but we're all here and able to get together either in person, or by phone due only to distance, for that I am thankful.

* My family; my husband and two boys who give each day reason and purpose, for them I am thankful

* My friends; an abundance of friends who are a wonderful support system and source of joy even if I am not as 'in touch' with all of them as I should be, for them I am thankful

* My memories and traditions; the family and friends who are no longer physically with me live on through the memories they gave me and the traditions that I try to continue and pass on so that they live on forever, for them I am thankful

*Stress; the stress allows me to know that I am doing things; I am alive and productive and living life to its fullest (that may be stretching it but you know what I mean), for that I am thankful

*My home; for the house I love making a home and filling with people and things; for the people that make my community safe and enjoyable to live in; as I donated food and things for the holiday to those who don't have this I am reminded, for that I am thankful

*Black Friday; for the store sales that give me a fabulous opportunity to bonds and share the day with my son and let me shop and give lots of gifts (much to hubby's dismay), for that I am thankful

* Hilda, the internet and blogging; for Hilda who encouraged (read: nagged) me to blog, I have always journalled and now I can do it and share with others easier, for that I am thankful

* The holidays; for the time of year that makes me stop and think of all of these wonderful memories, joys of the present, plans for the future and share it all with friends and family, for that I am thankful

I hope that everyone has a Stuffed Thanksgiving!
Gobble, Gobble!


Hilda said...


Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Dixie said...

Hope you had a fine, fine holiday!