Monday, November 06, 2006

From the mixed up files of Gimme Patience...

I think I should have stayed in bed today. Nothing that I have done, touched or looked at has been straightforward or easy today.

I brought my yummy creamer into work to have with the coffee here to find out when I got here that we were out of coffee:(
My emails were coming in ultra delayed so I was getting answers to things before I saw the questions;{
Clients sent in payments for things without the reference of an invoice or with a reference of a paid invoice and I spent too much time trying to sort it out;{
I spent the entire day confusing owners of different companies and then obviously not finding the info I needed because I was looking in the wrong files :[
My 82 year old grandmother, who, lives in an ALF, decided today NOT to go to her cardiologist appointment today for which we rescheduled her f/up with her surgeon because she doesn't want to go to Cuban doctors only Arab doctors;{
She also asked me if I knew any good lawyers because she wants to sue my father and I for stealing her money while she was in the hospital and in recovery. I told her I didn't' know any lawyers who did that kind of work:-{
I went to the bank and found out quite by accident that my driver's license is expired (almost 5 months ago!), it can't be renewed online or via phone. Now I have to go in person ~ UGH! :{
I checked my kid's grades online and am seeing that they BOTH did miserably on most of their tests and projects from last week. I even saw a zero, which means it wasn't turned in! I just wanna scream! :-o

PULEEZE! Gimme patience...

I should probably go home and fix breakfast for dinner to see if that straightens out things for tomorrow. I have a headache. Whataday!


Heather said...

That's a rough day. I hope tomorrow is better.

Hilda said...

Oh my friend...I'm sorry.

Maybe we should go drinking.

My day wasn't particularly bad, I'm just in a bleh (not to be confused with "blah")mood.


Marcia Pirani said...

You don't know any good lawyers that do that kind of work? Didn't you tell her about your old boss that is still pissed off you left and is dying to represent anyone who wants to sue you?! Give her my number, I will depose you everday just to piss off steal boy!

Muah, glad your day was better tomorrow. I know because I already read your Tuesday post. It will only get better if we can get the house back! Call me, I have something super important to tell you.