Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Yeah! It's election day!
Why am I so happy over this? Well, as of today I will have less mail to bring in the house, I can watch TV and not have to sit through those horrid political commercials and I will have TONS less voicemail messages from all these people who think I want to be their best friend. My home gets way too much of all that stuff because I get all the Dems targeted calls and mail and my husband gets all the R targeted stuff. Yes, we are on opposing sides of the political spectrum; deal with it - we have been for years.

I already voted this morning. It went super smoothly. I walked in and out. As I was leaving a couple of workers were talking to somone about their absentee ballot and the lady called after me as I was at the door. Lady! Your sticker! It's okay. No! Your sticker says I VOTED TODAY. It's ok, it's not about a sticker, thank you. have a great day. I walked out the door as she was coming towards me shaking the little sticker in the air. I hope she was able to work through that, I think it really bothered her. C'est la vie.

Today is a much better day than yesterday.
Just for the record, it wasn't just me I shared the misery when I got home. Neither my husband nor I took anything out in the morning to defrost for dinner; he stopped and picked something up on the way home. My children did not know about their academic misfortunes and think that some are mistakes and will be taking it up with their respective teachers today. Son2 finally made it to the school newspaper meeting which is every Monday, except yesterday, the one Monday he goes. Even my neighbor's daughter had a rough night and ended up at my house last night at 9pm to print a paper she had been working on for weeks because their printer died last night.

And finally a correction: The creamer I bought was not Toasted Almond. It is "Almond Toffee". I highly recommend it. Yummm...

Well, let me get dinner going. So I can watch the returns while I look for recipes for a dessert suitable for a diabetic. We are going to hubbys aunt and uncle's place this weekend to celebrate some family bdays and they have both recently discovered that their sugar is high. So, she asked me to come up with something they could eat. That's my mission.


Marcia Pirani said...

Purple passion, I forgot the name of your blog and thought it was purplepassion.com. It was not! OMG! My own spyware went haywire! You should consider a new call name, or is there something you want to tell us?

purplepassion said...

You are speaking to me in tech...call name is Gimme Patience or Purple Passion? Which do you suggest I change?