Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reading Update

There's not much to say here except that I haven't been reading. That stacks challenge that I have listed there on the sidebar. Pfffttt! I haven't read a word in weeks. At this rate it will take me a year to finish those books. The good news is since I have finished my Christmas shopping with the exception of the candy that I put in the stockings, I will now have time to relax and enjoy the holidays and do some reading. I will start tonight by golly! and read a little before going to bed. The other thing I can do is take all the shopping lists, catalogs and sales circulars out of my purse and put a book back in there. What are you reading? (She asks as if she has millions of readers and they are going to flood her blog the the GMA viewers when posed with a question)
Happy over the hump day! Only a few more days of daily posting! I think I will try to keep it up, not force myself daily but often really really often.

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