Wednesday, November 08, 2006

They did it!

I didn't think they would but they did. The Democrats have the majority. Well, we're still waiting on Virginia but no matter. The democrats didn't loose ANY of their seats! AND Rumsfeld stepped down (although Gates sounds even scarier but one step at a time). Dubyah says that Rumsfeld was going to step down after the midterm election regardless of the outcome, that it simply hadn't been announced because he didn't want to do anything to upset the elections. Right! Sure! I tried to listen to some of the press conference because I thought I might enjoy it but I really couldn't sit still and listen to the man even when he was giving me good news. I just plain don't like him!

I was recently asked if I thought a black man or a white woman had a better chance at being elected President of the US. I honestly, don't think that either will happen any time soon yet I think that a white woman's odds are slightly better than a black man's. And low and behold, we will actually have a woman as the majority leader. AMAZING! AWESOME! Wooo Hoooo! I'm impressed! You go girl!

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Hilda said...

It really turned out better than I think anyone expected...

And Nancy's gonna rock the house!